This is another page in a long story about how China is winning the game when it comes to building a robust clean energy economy. That means that countries who like to claim world-leader, economic-superpower status (the United States comes to mind) are losing. (I’ve chronicled this unfoldingsaga over and over on this blog.)

No need for much extra commentary here. I’m just going to pass along this blurb from the Apollo Alliance’s Daily Digest.

The new Ernst & Young quarterly “country attractiveness” index finds China has yet again outmaneuvered the U.S. in terms of allure for clean energy investors. According to the report, half of all the world’s wind turbines coming on line this year were manufactured in China. The U.S. held first place from 2006 until last quarter.

That’s all for now. But I’d bet my bottom dollar it’s not my last installment.