Here at Sightline, our goal isn’t just to provide you with the most effective sustainability solutions; we also help you talk about them.

Toxic stormwater runoff is the perfect example: the problem is big and when experts start talking policy solutions, it’s easy to get lost in technical jargon. The good news is that by talking about the issue in a way that gets at our shared values and highlights local success stories, we can get more people excited about solutions and why they matter.

For example, connecting the dots between pollution in our local waterways and the food and water our families use can be more effective than focusing only on vulnerable ecosystems. People don’t necessarily think about themselves as part of an ecosystem—or a watershed!

Sightline’s communications strategist, Anna Fahey, has produced a short, three-minute video with five tips for talking about polluted stormwater. We hope you like it! If so, please share it!

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  • You can download the entire messaging memo or see the five tips.