Series in Sustainable Living

  • Teen Pregnancy: Going... Going...

    How to continue the decrease in US teen birth rates.
  • My Year of Nothing New

    Follow Anna Fahey's New Year's resolution to buy nothing new in 2012—saving cash and cutting carbon at the same time.
  • Sustainababy: Born to be Green

    Anna Fahey looks at pregnancy and motherhood through the lens of sustainability policy.
  • The Year of Living Car-lessly Experiment

    After the demise of their family Volvo, Sightline director Alan Durning and his family decided to try living car-free for one year.
  • The Reluctant Cyclist

    Follow Eric Hess's first rides, initial thoughts on commuting, and an introduction to bike culture in this Sightline series.
  • Making Sustainability Legal

    Some of the smartest, most innovative solutions for a sustainable Northwest are, at present, simply illegal. This Sightline series puts the spotlight on cases where we can make sustainability legal by changing existing regulations and developing pragmatic money-saving proposals.
  • Burning Rubber(s)

    Better contraceptive options for men are long overdue.
  • Stormwater Solutions: Curbing Toxic Runoff

    Toxic stormwater is a daunting challenge. But the good news is we already know the solution.
  • Twenty Times Better than the Pill

    Contraceptive options and affordability are key to addressing a number of public health and economic concerns.
  • Bicycle Neglect

    Which Cascadian cities are doing best at developing bike networks? And how they can do better?
  • The Parable of the Electric Bike

    Imagine an electric bike. Zipping through the city. Surging up hills without gasping for breath. Appealing! So, why haven't they caught on?
  • Sightline@20

    Sightline celebrates its 20th anniversary.
  • Cascadia Scorecard

    The Cascadia Scorecard is Sightline's annual state-of-the region report. This series includes the latest updates to the project.
  • Best of Sightline's blog

    The best of the best, the cream of the crop. Our (and your) all-time favorite articles—collected together in one series, so you don't have to hunt them down.
  • Weekend Reading

    Each Friday, Sightline staff compile their top reading picks from the week.
  • Hot Seat: The Fight Against Big Chem’s Toxics in Our Homes

    Investigating the 12-second flammability rule and its true consequences for our health and safety.
  • Junk Mail Crusade

    Alan Durning documents his years-long battle against mailbox pollution.