Back in February, Treehugger posted a visually tantalizing slideshow of bike storage options. We featured it in Sightline Daily’s news digest, but something about it ate at us: many of the solutions were utterly impractical.

As even an occasional Northwest bike-rider knows, our bikes get wet. Sometimes, really wet—not to mention muddy, gritty, grimy, etc. Certainly past the point of wanting to hang them over an expensive couch.

Still, the article piqued our curiosity. How do real people park their bikes? We put a call out to readers to submit their bike storage photos. Here’s what we got.

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  • Proving Treehugger’s solutions aren’t totally far-fetched, Jesse K. sports a custom-made bike shelf:

    Courtesy of Jesse K.

    And Kelli B. used recycled materials for a good-looking bike shelf:

    Courtesy of Kelli B.

    Others take advantage of backyard space by building bike sheds. Huck B’s whole family helped build this beauty (more shots here):

    Courtesy of Huck B.

    Sightline cyclist-in-chief Alan Durning dedicates a backyard shed to his bikes:

    Courtesy of Alan Durning.

    Some ditch the roof. Jeff Y. built a bike rack, which Jeff’s letter carrier calls a “bikeport”:

    Courtesy off Jeff Y.

    Jeremy F. makes good use of a tarp to keep his recumbent bike dry:

    Courtesy of Jeremy F.

    In sunny Santa Monica, the weather’s not a worry. Jessica L. keeps it simple, and her bike survived a rare rain event.

    Courtesy of Jessica L.

    Her colleagues at NRDC don’t have to worry much about the weather either:

    Courtesy Jessica L.

    Speaking of workplaces, here’s how Sightline (and other building tenants) store staff wheels:

    Courtesy of Eric Hess.

    Seattle Bike Blog has a bike-savvy landlord. This storage solution at its HQ came pre-installed:

    Courtesy of Tom F.

    Apartment and condo dwellers can keep bikes out of the house by taking advantage of parking garages. In Vancouver, BC, car-free Carolyn D. makes use of the two parking spots that came with her apartment:

    Courtesy of Carolyn D.

    Vince H. carves out space in his building’s garage:

    Courtesy of Vince H.

    No shared garage? No problem. Personal garages work too. Charlie W. neatly fits six bikes in his.

    Courtesy of Charlie W

    Rick R. stores his bikes in half of his half-garage:

    Courtesy of Rick R.

    Former Sightline intern Mackenzie B’s bike chills out on the floor of her garage:

    Courtesy of Mackenzie B.

    Corey F. replaced his water heater tank with a tankless version, freeing up precious basement space for bikes!

    Courtesy of Corey F.

    Former Washington State Transportation Secretary Doug MacDonald keeps his bikes at the ready in his furnace room:

    Courtesy of Doug MacDonald.

    Ethan M. keeps some bikes in the garage…

    Courtesy of Ethan M.

    And others inside the house:

    Courtesy of Ethan M.

    House dwellers and apartment renters alike need not worry: there’s plenty of room for bikes indoors. Prolific bike-writer Elly Blue shares a pic from a friend:

    Courtesy of Elly Blue.

    Heidi G. mounts her bikes on a frame:

    Courtesy of Heidi G.

    Brad B. has outfitted his hall:

    Courtesy of Brad B.

    Mary F. combines two of her loves: bikes and books fill a crowded study:

    Photo courtesy of Mary F.

    Sightline’s Pam MacRae dries her ride in the hall:

    Courtesy of Pam MacRae.

    Peter R. makes his foyer a busy bike scene:

    Courtesy of Peter R.

    And then there are the really creative solutions. Matt G’s bikes hang out. Literally:

    Courtesy of Matt G.

    Lastly, Paul T. in New York takes advantage of high ceilings with a bike pulley system:

    Courtesy of Paul T.

    As a display piece or hidden from sight, each bike needs a place to stand by, awaiting the next chance to roll. And bike owners everywhere have figured out ingenious storage.

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