Sightline board chair and bane of Yellow Pages Jeanette Henderson wrote in about junk mail rules in the Netherlands. We can’t post photos in our comments section, so we’re adding it here.

“Your blog on junk mail . . . reminded me of the stickers I saw on postboxes in Amsterdam last year.  . . . Here is one example.

Photo by Jeanette Henderson.

Saying “Nee” to junk mail, by Jeanette Henderson.

Almost all postboxes have these stickers, from what I saw while we spent a few days there.  I was fascinated. The stickers are either “Nee Ja” or “Nee Nee”.  . . . Nee means don’t leave any general junk mail, and Ja means do leave the local community newspaper (and the second Nee means do not leave it).

Clearly we aren’t alone in our desire to curb junk mail.”