Last year, the Communications Hub, a program of Fuse Washington, released what became a highly popular and widely used guide to effective storytelling for progressive advocates. After months of collaborative work, countless editing rounds, and a bit of design back-and-forth, the Hub is out with version two—and it’s a treasure trove.

The “handbook to reclaim our future” delivers a user-friendly, piece-by-piece guide to constructing a progressive cause’s own powerful story. It directs you through the process of identifying your organization’s own values, quest, heroes, threats, and villains, so that you can more successfully engage your audience and effect the change you or your organization is working for. Then, it helps you to couch that story in a common language, using words that resonate with key audiences and that connect with a broader shared narrative of core American values.

The new Heroes’ Narrative handbook should be your go-to for framing your communications priorities, whether they’re related to the environment, racial justice, marriage equality, fair pay, or any number of other progressive causes. Check out the entire thing here.


April 23, 2014