Wow! GiveBIG was a huge success—thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to our community of donors, subscribers, and all-around supporters. It means the world to us. Special thanks, also, to The Seattle Foundation and their sponsors for hosting this great opportunity for Seattle-area nonprofits.

We raised almost $29,000 in one 24-hour period. Amazing! And, of course, all of those gifts were stretched thanks to The Seattle Foundation’s stretch pool.

GiveBIG thank you. Photo by Sightline staff.

A BIG thank you! by Sightline staff

GiveBIG is a great opportunity, and it’s also a reminder of how much of an impact our donors make year-round. We are humbled and grateful for the dedication and belief in our work. It keeps our computers humming and buoys our spirits.

Community support is what allows us to do the work that you value so much—whether it’s Clark’s work on traffic forecasts and fossil fuel company finances, Jen’s coverage of rideshare and public transportation issues, Alan’s governance articles, or Eric’s hounding on coal and oil export schemes.

Here at Sightline, we love haiku, so we wanted to create a little something special for everyone who supports Sightline (during GiveBIG and year-round!):

From the Supergeeks:
Thank you for cheering us on.
We love our donors!

May 7, 2014