If you’re following Sightline’s work on Northwest fossil fuel exports, you may enjoy listening to this radio segment I did recently on KBOO, a community radio station in Portland. The piece is around 45 minutes long, which allows time to explore many of the dimensions that we covered in our recent report, The Facts about Kinder Morgan.

Host Barbara Bernstein also took the opportunity to explore several other dimensions of fossil fuel infrastructure development in the Northwest. In particular, we talked about a recent under-the-radar proposal by a Canadian firm to export large quantities of propane from a new rail-to-vessel facility in Portland. Curiously enough, the project appears to have the support of Mayor Hales, though a public hearing on January 13 may change his mind.

In the same vein, I highly recommend reading the New York Times‘ recent treatment of energy company schemes on the Columbia River—a treatment that features Sightline’s work on the subject. Reporter Kirk Johnson highlights Vancouver, Washington’s heated debate over whether to permit the nation’s largest crude oil-by-rail terminal on a swath of downtown waterfront land.