Thanks to all of the interest in our post “A Green Light for Using Rain Barrel Water on Garden Edibles” we’ve created a user-friendly pamphlet summarizing the research on rain barrel safety.

This colorful, one-page brochure hits the high points of the international studies on rain barrel water quality, citing research from Washington, New Jersey, and Australia that found that roof water from most, but not all, roof types is surprisingly clean. It also gives tips for reducing exposure to toxic chemicals and pathogens for people who want to use their roof runoff for watering their homegrown garden veggies.

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  • Please feel free to download the pamphlet, print it out (one sheet, printed on both sides), fold it into thirds, and pass it around. Or share the link to the brochure in whatever way you see fit.

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    Download the pamphlet here.

    All photos in the pamphlet are courtesy of Stewardship Partners and their 12,000 rain gardens project.