I’m a week late on this story, but I highly recommend Ashely Ahearn’s look at the oil terminals proposed for Grays Harbor with a focus on the potential impacts to local fisheries and the Quinault Nation.


How many reasons do you have to love Northwest rivers? Well, here are 50!

Not only is this a fun and beautiful look at the rivers of Puget Sound and the Columbia Basin, you also get to feel nostalgic about those days when you were first exploring among moss-covered trees and misty waterfalls. Enjoy!


In case you needed more evidence, two new studies by political scientists show that the rich use their wealth to control American politics.

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  • Native Americans are particularly vulnerable to climate impacts. I don’t know if it’s adequate, but the US Interior Department just announced millions in funding to help tribes adapt.

    And check out Robert Reich’s video on the Keystone XL decision.