Editor’s note October 2016: The New York Times profiled friend of Sightline, climate scientist, and climate change messaging rock star Katharine Hayhoe earlier this week, so we thought we’d bring back this favorite Sightline Flashcard from last year to help more of us follow in her smart footsteps in our everyday climate conversations.

The clever folks over at Climate Denial Crock of the Week (that’s Peter Sinclair) and Skeptical Science (John Cook) were in San Fran back in December, interviewing scientists, when they had the brilliant idea to ask each one to give their best climate change “elevator pitch.”

The set-up is simple: You’re on an elevator. Somebody says, “Oh, hi, you’re a climate scientist? What’s the big deal about climate change anyway?” What do you say in two minutes or less? And the resulting series of short videos is proving to be inspiring and instructive.

Katharine Hayhoe rocks the first one.

And no wonder. She’s an atmospheric scientist who bridges climate science and political science at Texas Tech. She’s a consultant, communicator, educator, and author. And she’s an evangelical Christian.

Watch the video. Then memorize her crib notes to refine your own two minute climate pitch.

hayhoe final big2

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February 19, 2015