Last week, Sightline’s policy director Eric de Place discussed the alarming growth of oil train traffic in the Northwest, as well as the implications of large-scale methanol production in Tacoma. Eric looked at the costs and consequences of these new projects proposed for Tacoma and examined how these projects are connected to a range of other proposals around the Northwest for coal exports, oil pipelines, and petrochemical sites.

Here is the entirety of the presentation thanks to the University of Washington Tacoma. Enjoy the video and share it with someone unfamiliar with the topic. Together, our region can stand tall against coal and oil companies’ plans to turn the Northwest into a superhighway for dirty energy. Please continue to spread the word on what we all can do to help keep the Thin Green Line strong. If you’d like to get involved further, you can connect with other leading advocacy organizations like Power Past CoalStand Up To Oil, and Citizens for a Healthy Bay in Tacoma.


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October 23, 2015