KUOW’s Liz Jones has a wonderful new piece out, “I Keep Telling My Mom I’m Gay – And She Keeps Forgetting.” It’s a poignant story by any measure, but I suppose particularly so for me because both Liz and her subject, Ben Nakamura, are old friends of mine.

What type of exercise is best for the brain? New research on rats suggest that the answer is long distance running and similar activities.

On February 27, I’ll be at Seattle’s city hall talking with activists (and many others) about “the pledge of resistance” to oppose fossil fuel development in the Northwest. I’ll be keynoting the event, but I’ll be joined by some leading lights in the movement, including Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien and Delta 5 defendant Patrick Mazza.


In the words of Zoolander, City Observatory is so hot right now. Everything about it—from the visually appealing website design, to the on-point and concise articles—makes me swoon. On the site this week is an article about how a decline in gas prices = more driving = more deaths, and another article comparing new cars to high-priced apartments: they’re both sold to higher income households allowing “used” homes and cars to become affordable after they’ve depreciated. In sum, building high end housing doesn’t make housing less affordable.