Could the United States elect a President who is better at listening than talking? Vox’s Ezra Klein explains:

You do not need to assert any grand patriarchal conspiracy to suggest that a process developed by men, dominated by men, and, until relatively late in American life, limited to men might subtly favor traits that are particularly prevalent in men.

Talking over listening, perhaps.

…Bernie Sanders proved the more effective talker. His speeches attracted larger audiences, his debate performances led to big gains in the polls, his sound bites went more viral on Facebook. Yet Clinton proved the more effective listener—and, particularly, the more effective coalition builder…. One way of reading the Democratic primary is that it pitted an unusually pure male leadership style against an unusually pure female leadership style. Sanders is a great talker and a poor relationship builder. Clinton is a great relationship builder and a poor talker. In this case—the first time at the presidential level—the female leadership style won.

Fascinating 60-second video shows how partisan the US Congress has become.

How will the nation react to Trump’s stand on unauthorized immigration? History shows that it’s a matter of voter demographics, race, and political cohesion.

Universal Basic Income!


The Union Pacific oil hearing that I mentioned in a previous weekend reading is rescheduled to September 6th. More information here. Can’t make the meeting? You can still participate by sending a comment to the Wasco Planning Commission.

It’s not too late to register for Seattle University’s Just Sustainability conference. The conference provides a platform for academics and practitioners across every discipline to get together and collaborate on sustainability solutions. View the full conference schedule here.

Want to find concrete ways to help stop police brutality? Campaign Zero is a comprehensive package of policy proposals that address police violence in America. Proposals include stronger guidelines limiting the use of force, banning police quotas for tickets and arrests, and more.


In the New Yorker, which publishes some of the best writers in the world, I found this interesting article suggesting that the burning of crude oil may have contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs. The parallels with modern-day dinosaurs who threaten human civilization by continuing to profit from burning fossil fuel are too obvious.

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  • The same magazine also contains an article on the contradictions of a business model for a “long-lasting” product.

    Articles speculating on a running mate for Donald Trump can be found here and here.


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