The 2016 Totem Pole Journey is underway and I will be speaking at the journey’s Blessing Stop in Seattle this Thursday. Join me to learn more about the multi-tiered wave of coal, oil, and natural gas export proposals that we have seen in the Pacific Northwest.

Today our region faces crucial decisions about fossil fuels that will affect generations to come. The Pacific Northwest is on the front lines of fossil fuel infrastructure. There have been nearly a dozen oil train explosions in the past two years, reminding us of the catastrophic consequences that communities pay when oil is transported by rail. Yet proposals continue to emerge to ship coal, oil, and gas by train to Northwest refineries and port terminals.

  • Our work is made possible by the generosity of people like you!

    Thanks to Susan & Eric Carlson for supporting a sustainable Cascadia.

  • The 5,000 mile Totem Pole journey brings attention to proposed coal, oil, and gas export terminals in the Northwest that threaten the environment and coastal economies, as well as the treaty rights of indigenous peoples such as the Lummi Nation. Come bless the totem pole, celebrate the Lummi Nation’s victory at “Xwe’chi’eXen” (Cherry Point), and strengthen connections between tribes, people of faith, civic leaders, and activists.

    Other speakers include Jay Julius, Councilman, Lummi Indian Business Council; Tyson Johnston, Vice President, Quinault Nation; and Chief Phil Lane, Jr., Hereditary Chief of the White Swan Dakota’s.

    • What: The 2016 Lummi Nation’s House of Tears Totem Pole Journey
    • When: Thursday, August 25, 4:00 – 7:30 PM
    • Where: St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, Seattle (map)
    • Tickets: The event is free and open to the public
    • Sponsors: Lummi Nation, Earth Ministry, Sierra Club, St. Marks

    More event information here.