If Seattle Kitty Hall wasn’t enough for you (or too much, depending on how you feel about cats), on September 6th you can get some furry socializing of the canine variety with the Safeco Field Bark at the Park event. Admission includes a human ticket, a dog ticket, Mariners dog leash, and post-game walk the bases. Because dogs are to baseball what cats are to politics?

Kristin G.

If someone asked me what I love about cities in the Pacific Northwest, the first thing I would mention is that I can have the best of both worlds. I’m lucky enough to live in a bustling city but find release in the great outdoors with a snap of my fingers. For me, the great outdoors isn’t just the wilderness but also the rolling green hills of farmland. Check out this article, which takes a look at urban density shaking hands with farmland preservation. Will we see more of this in the future?

Curious about the farms in your area? Why not participate in a farm walk this fall to get an inside peek at what it takes to grow food on a farm fueled by horse power and solar energy!


To ease the pain of my new, long commute (thanks, economic displacement!), I’ve been listening to a guided meditation podcast on my morning bus ride. It’s been a long time since I’ve made the time to meditate, and now a 45-60 minute transit commute is the perfect opportunity. I’ve found that it totally chills me out without putting me to sleep, allows me to be more generous with my fellow commuters, and I’ve been arriving to work a little more mentally prepared to face the day. Always a good thing.

These podcasts are free (donations welcome!), most are short (between 5-20 minutes), some have music, some are just a woman’s (amazingly calm and centered) voice. And while I haven’t always been a fan of closing my eyes on the bus, it is kind of magical to go to a totally different headspace for a little while and then open my eyes to find myself downtown.