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The Pacific Northwest is in the bullseye of the international coal, oil, and gas economy. In the last five years, an unprecedented amount of dirty energy projects have been proposed in the region. Luckily, the Northwest’s geography acts as a Thin Green Line, a barrier to hold back these carbon-intense fuels from being exported to Asian energy markets.

We have seen coal and oil projects rise and fall in the Northwest. Fracked fuel and petrochemicals represent the largely unexplored third wave of dirty energy projects arriving in the Northwest.

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  • What are fracked fuels and petrochemicals and why are they dangerous? Where are the current proposals in the Northwest and how far along are they? What impacts could these projects have on our climate, communities, and waterways? And what can we expect the region’s energy infrastructure to look like in the next few years?

    Sightline policy director Eric de Place discusses the consequences of fracked fuel and petrochemical projects in the Northwest on KEXP Mind Over Matters. Listen here:


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