I’m fired up and ready to go (ohhhh, I’ll miss you Obama) to the the Womxn’s March in Seattle this Saturday. Stressing over your sign making? Here are a few ideas. Also, if you’re marching in Seattle, please consider shopping/eating in the Chinatown-International District after. Saturday is one of the biggest shopping days for local stores in Little Saigon to prep for Lunar New Year, and the march is going to disrupt business big time. Oh, and here’s a guide on where to pee in Seattle during the march. You’re welcome.

In addition to Radiohead tickets going on sale for Portland and Seattle today, the other band tied for my “favorite band of all time,” Arcade Fire, just came out with a new song yesterday titled, “I Give You Power” featuring Mavis Staples. Just in time for the inauguration.

And here’s an amazing poetic war cry by local poet Elisa Chavez. And yes, it includes lines like “anxious America, you brought your fists to a glitter fight” and “These walls do not have genders and they all think you suck.” Check it out.