Sightline has tracked Northwest fossil fuel transport developments since 2010 when the region saw its first proposal for large-scale coal exports. Since that time, communities from Coos Bay, Oregon, to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, have weathered wave after wave of schemes from the coal, oil, and gas industries. Yet, much to the surprise of most observers, Cascadia has proven enormously resilient: tribes and First Nations, environmental advocates, and scores of others have defeated nearly ever project they’ve opposed.

Today, Sightline is publishing a new interactive map of the Northwest’s fight against dirty energy shipment schemes—the movement that Sightline calls the Thin Green Line. The map is designed to write the history of these controversies even as it tracks new and emerging threats to the region.

Our research team will update and elaborate the map as things change. We hope you’ll take a close look and let us know what you think.

Map Legend

  • Fracked Gas and Petrochemical Projects's icon Fracked Gas and Petrochemical Projects
  • Oil Projects's icon Oil Projects
  • Coal Projects's icon Coal Projects
  • Operational
  • Active Proposal
  • Probably Dead
  • Dead
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