Mandatory viewing for those following the Northwest coal exports debate: a brilliant 15-minute documentary film telling the story of the Lummi Nation’s improbable victory against a well-financed and politically connected plan to build the largest coal terminal in North America. The film comes from the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission as part of its Northwest Treaty Tribes educational effort, and it was produced by North 40 Productions.

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Of course in 15 minutes there’s no way to do justice to the full range of people and events that constituted the opposition movement to the Gateway Pacific project, but this account manages a thoughtful and beautiful portrayal. It gives voice to a few of the most pivotal players, including Lummi heroes Ellie Kinley, Tim Ballew, and Jay Julius, as well as environmental leaders Crina Hoyer, Beth Doglio, and Jan Hasselman. It’s well worth your time.


July 17, 2017