Sightline senior research associates Tarika Powell and Margaret Morales join Glen Anderson on Thurston Community Television. Together, they discuss how the Northwest can strengthen democracy through electoral reform, and protect communities and the climate from fossil fuels infrastructure. Tarika and Margaret share recent and current progress in both movements and offer smart strategies to inform and engage the public on these issues.

Tarika shares the Thin Green Line victories against dirty energy and highlights the coal, oil, and fracked fuel projects currently at play in Cascadia. She then dives into the health effects from fossil fuel exposure, why natural gas is not a clean energy solution, and the relationship between environmental justice and fossil fuel projects. Margaret describes the success of Seattle’s democracy voucher program, how to get big money out of politics, the power of alternative voting methods, automatic voter registration, and other ways more everyday people can participate in politics.

This is a great intro video into the nuts and bolts of both our Thin Green Line and Democracy Reform research areas. Enjoy!