This fall, Sightline researcher Tarika Powell participated in the speaking series We Are Water: A Community Conversation. The program brought together artists, environmental professionals, and community members to discuss shared water issues along the Pacific Coast. Tarika spoke about the impact that fossil fuel projects in the Pacific Northwest have on water, and addressed issues of environmental justice as they pertain to the communities most affected by these projects.

“We Are Water” is a collaboration between the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, BC and Disjecta Gallery in Portland. The goals of the series are to discuss issues related to water as a resource, and to highlight the work that is being done to protect water resources. The Portland program featured an informal community conversation moderated by curators at the Portland and Victoria galleries—-Michelle Jacques, Nicole Stanbridge, and Blake Shell.

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  • Artist Marianne Nichols, who is of Dzawada’enuxw First Nation descent, spoke about how she approaches her practice as artist and activist. Artist Sara Siestreem, of Hanis Coos descent spoke about her ongoing indigenous cultural reclamation project The Hanis Coos Traditional Weaving Research and Education Project.