My friend Jan Hasselman, an attorney at Earth Justice and one of the most effective contributors to the Northwest’s Thin Green Line movement, has written an insightful account of how—and why—we fight fossil fuel projects at the local level in this political climate.


Lots of renewable energy news this week: Xcel Energy, Colorado’s largest utility, got approval for its plan to retire one-third of its coal generation and increase renewables to 55 percent of its energy portfolio. Meanwhile, a floating tidal power turbine in Scotland set a new record, single-handedly producing as much energy in the last 12 months as the rest of Scotland’s wave and tidal turbines produced in the last 12 years. It lends new credibility to the tidal energy sector. And Exxon, of all companies, has announced its intention to buy hundreds of megawatts of renewable power in Texas, of all places. California’s vote to go 100% carbon-free by 2045 seems almost passé.

None of which, sadly, will make any difference at all if we can’t get our runaway consumption under control.