Twenty-five years ago this month, Sightline Institute began. Many of you reading these words were there with me. Many of you have watched Sightline (then Northwest Environment Watch) grow and evolve over the years. Some of you may be reading about Sightline for the first time today — welcome.

No matter your path, gradually but unmistakably, over years and months, Sightline ceased to be a “me” or a “you.” It became an “us.”  A big, broad, diverse, wide-ranging, joyful, angry, wonky, committed, powerful us—tens of thousands strong now—all applying ourselves to making this place on Earth a global model.

Indeed, recent events are prescient reminders that our work together is essential: moving Cascadia beyond carbon to safeguard our climate and show the way to a prosperous future; making housing abundant and affordable so that all our neighbors have homes; greening our cities and industries so that nature can thrive; and demonstrating better ways to do politics, such as Democracy Vouchers to counter big money, ranked-choice voting to ensure majority rule, and proportional representation to end gerrymandering.

Sightline exists—and is able to maintain our focus and tenacity on issues that matter—because of support from community members like you: engaged readers who seek out facts and welcome innovative thinking.

  • Our work is made possible by the generosity of people like you!

    Thanks to Alan Levine for supporting a sustainable Cascadia.

  • Today kicks off Sightline’s Fall Fundraising Drive. It’s a season of giving and a time when we ask you and our many other readers and friends to support Sightline and our dynamic research, practical solutions, and messaging tools. Your generosity puts our work in the hands of thousands of citizens and leaders, enabling them to better protect our environment and ensure economic prosperity for all. And our work together is more important than ever.

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    Since the very beginning of Sightline, we have dreamed of what’s possible, and every year, we have realized a few more of our dreams. Our work is far, far from done, of course, but in this moment, I celebrate and am deeply grateful for the progress we’ve made during a quarter century of us.

    Let’s continue onward, together.