Sightline Researcher Tarika Powell recently participated on a panel called “Defining Cascadia.” The lively panel discussion was recorded for the Seattle-centered “Upzones Podcast in front of a live audience, and was posted to the podcast’s feed this week.

“Defining Cascadia” brought together some of the region’s top subject matter experts to discuss:

  • how we define the Cascadian region,
  • what makes Cascadia unique,
  • how to best connect the region through high speed rail,
  • what the region’s top environmental issues are, and
  • what current and future challenges Cascadians face.

In addition to Tarika, the panel featured Cascadia Magazine founder Andrew Engelson, poet Nadine Maestas, Cascadia Rail co-founder Paige Malott, and Ian Martinez of the “Upzones Podcast” as moderator. Horizon Books on Capitol Hill hosted the event.

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  • Listen to the podcast below or on the web.