Following the harrowing US election last week, the Sightline community can give a sigh of relief for the success of democracy. We can also square our shoulders and harden our resolve for the tasks ahead and the steps required to make the Northwest a global model of sustainability. And your support is an integral part of the solution! In order for us to keep providing in-depth research and analysis, we rely on your partnership and financial contribution.

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As this season of giving begins, we ask our dedicated readers and friends (you!) to support Sightline’s innovative research and long-term solutions. The Sightline team works hard every day to advance equitable paths to abundant and affordable housing, a balanced democracy, a healthy climate, and social and environmental justice—all of which feel even more precarious as we enter month eight of a global pandemic. This is your chance to stand with Sightline and let us know that you, like all of us, want to make a positive difference in our region and our world.

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The Northwest’s systems are in dire need of reform, and support from our community allows us the flexibility to respond to this critical time in the history of our planet and our democracy. Since Sightline’s start in 1993, supporters like you and me have dreamed of what’s possible, and every year, thanks to the confidence and trust of a growing community of supporters and allies, we have realized a few more of our dreams. Our work is far from over, but let’s be grateful for the progress we have made—and will continue to make—together.

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November 11, 2020