Whatever stock you do (or don’t) put in public opinion polling, it can serve as a good gauge of progress on certain issues or ideas over time. The good news is that the American public’s concern about climate change and desire for action is strong. Polling data can also serve as a gauge of the public’s open-mindedness to policies and ideas and help us communicate in terms that most effectively resonate with their thinking. Sightline has studied polling trends related to energy policy, and reports on some of the most powerful messaging implications we can draw from them.

For example, data shows that economic opportunity is key. It’s more important than ever to stress the economic opportunities that smart energy policy represents: local jobs, global competition in clean-energy industries, a break from the fossil fuel rollercoaster.

See Sightline’s June 2009 Public Opinion Research and Messaging Memo with citations (pdf) >>

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June 25, 2009