Local elections officials are on the front lines of the nation’s coronavirus response. With the threat and uncertainty of coronavirus and Election Day just months away, US elections officials are gearing up for a massive increase in mail-out and absentee ballots this November. In 2018, just one in four voters nation-wide cast a ballot by mail, but that share is expected to spike as high as 70 percent in 2020. American elections officials face an urgent challenge to secure democracy and voters’ health and safety in November 2020. 

Sightline’s new resource, including detailed state-by-state analysis and recommendations, Vote By Mail for Secure Elections in 2020—and Beyond, compiles recommendations and tested solutions tailored to all 50 states and Washington, DC. 

These state-by-state guides are designed to give local election officials the information they need to identify and take the most important steps to get ready for November. Each set of state-specific resources includes best practices and established models from around the country, including practical nuts and bolts advice for clerks, materials from election administrators with experience conducting all mail elections, and information about vendors and costs.

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July 29, 2020