Sightline-Wordle-orange-final-for-webTalking policy is tricky business. Wonks are eager to dive deep into the data and describe programs through jargon and numbers. The result is often a perfectly-logical explanation that simply falls flat. Even the smartest policy solution can come up short if it’s not well communicated.

Good communications strategies combine intuition, experience, and careful study. Sightline’s strategic communications program digs through stacks of data, piles of polls, and the latest research to find the most useful practices, tips, and recommendations for effective communications.

We distill all this information and put it into the hands of policy communicators—the people charged with explaining and building support for solutions to society’s tough problems.

Sightline’s program focuses on values-based messaging. Looking at issues like climate change, polluted stormwater runoff, and the role of government, we aim to articulate the shared values of northwesterners so that our messages strike an emotional chord. When Cascadians speak with a more-unified voice about what we stand for, our words will carry weight.

Our resources:

Sightline Flashcards: Our monthly talking points emails tackle everything from specific issues to broader communications theory. Distilled into bite-size recommendations, Flashcards are a must-read for any communicator. Subscribe to Flashcards.

Word on the Street: This blog series, written by Senior Communications Strategist Anna Fahey, examines the latest polling data and political messaging from our part of the world. Read the latest posts.

Reports and Memos: Sightline occasionally publishes longer reports and memos discussing messaging best practices for specific topics or analyses of media coverage. See recent research.

Workshops: Our communications strategy team partners with organizations to provide messaging workshops and trainings on values-based messaging. Learn more about booking a Sightline speaker.