I recently got a call from a casting director at Fox TV’s reality show Trading Spouses. (It’s not as salacious as it sounds!) Fox saw us during our first 15 minutes of fame (actually, 2.5 minutes, on CNN) and wants us on their network, too. We’ve never seen this program before, but we’re told it involves two moms from wildly different families swapping places for a week, while America gawks at the resulting arguments and break-downs.

What’s your opinion? Should we let TV crews and a visiting (presumably auto-centered) mom into the Durning home? Should Amy endure a week in a family of—umm—maybe five Hummer drivers? Would it help promote the values we stand for by making them visible to the millions of people who watch reality TV? Or would Fox use selective editing to make us look ridiculous, harming the cause?

Once you’ve had your say, we’ll make a decision.

P.S. If we do accept the invitation, we’ll be sworn to secrecy until the show is aired. So I won’t be able to blog the experience until afterward. Sorry.