The gist:  We all rely on “mental shortcuts” to make sense of new information. Often, metaphor and analogy—or pictures—help us get a handle on abstract ideas.

Right now, far-reaching climate and energy policy stands before Congress—all the more reason to come to the table equipped with the most compelling illustrations of how smart policy works.

The Flashcard

Relief from the Fossil Fuel Rollercoaster:

Three pictures: roller coaster, cap, and stairwayVolatile fuel prices whiplash family budgets. Investing in clean-energy will finally unhitch us—and our economy—from the fossil fuel rollercoaster. Fortunately, the same actions that will curb greenhouse gas emissions will also let us break through to a more prosperous and stable clean-energy economy—an economy that ends our addiction to oil and other dirty fossil fuels.

A Solid Cap for Safety:

Only a solid cap can stop the dangerous carbon overload of our atmosphere. A cap is our commitment to climate and energy security. No policy measure can substitute for setting a solid cap on the greenhouse gas emissions that are allowed into the atmosphere; it’s our firm guarantee that we will meet crucial pollution targets.

Our Stairway to Energy Stability:

We stand atop a hazardous pollution staircase. Cap and trade steps our economy down to stability, stair by stair, at a manageable pace. It would be dangerous and risky to jump to the bottom or run down too fast. Cap and trade offers us a path to success in the new energy economy: maximum flexibility, clear and feasible goals, and a predictable timeline.

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August 4, 2009