There is a buzz in the air about green jobs.

Momentum and public opinion are on the side of green jobs and in investments in a clean energy economy. But opponents have been outspoken and consistent. There’s work to be done to counteract lingering skepticism and ensure that the buzz is perceived as more than mere hype. Clean energy and jobs policy advocates’ messages should reinforce both the reality of green-collar jobs in local communities and the economic benefits of policy and investments that create those jobs, acknowledging that obstacles may stand in the way but clearly illustrating effective ways to overcome them. 

By analyzing opinion research, expert communications strategies, and news media coverage of clean energy jobs in 2009, we identify best practices as well as the biggest messaging opportunities moving forward.

Green Jobs Messaging Guide

Who Said It?

Icon of person and question mark“Now, I’ll be doing something a little more rewarding, more environmentally conscious. I’ll be trying to help customers save some money; that’s a good feeling. And this looks like a field that will be growing..” — Scott Newman, home energy efficiency auditor

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October 7, 2009