Eric dP:

I was pleased to see economist Art Laffer and Republican former congressman Bob Inglis make the conservative case for a carbon tax shift.

At The American Prospect, Jason Mark has a first-rate treatment of the coal exports debate.

The small town of Brainerd, Minnesota is moving ahead with a super-smart energy strategy, tapping the waste heat from city sewers and re-using it (the heat, not the sewage).

Finally, an essay by E. B. White. It is in part a homage to summer, but I think it’s more about the way that the passage of time dislocates you. Which is how I’ve been feeling.

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  • Anna:

    A must read from David Roberts: Asymmetrical Polarization: The left’s gone left but the right’s gone nuts.

    Denial pays off. A new Union of Concerned Scientists report—A Climate of Corporate Control—explores how many publicly traded corporations have used their influence to cast doubt on climate science and block or slow down actions aimed at reducing dangerous global warming emissions.

    Is the Internet driving us mad?

    In greenie circles, family-friendly cities are walkable and dense. But in the rest of the population, is a “family-friendly” city code for a prevailing conservative cultural sentiment (a la “family values”)?

    Got Milk? You don’t need it! Bittman on the dietary myths of dairy.


    US researchers making progress re-planting coral.

    On the error of using linear projection, Soviet edition.

    Eric H:

    Read our photo-essay on towing your tots on a bike? This Portland mom commutes with six kids.

    50 pick-up lines for the farmers’ market.

    Scientists may have discovered what causes migration: magnets.

    Livestock could be responsible for nearly one-fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions.