In response to Sheryl Sandberg’s call for women to Lean In, law professor at Georgetown University and fellow at the New America Foundation Rosa Brooks offers a Manifestus for the Rest of Us. Because, as she explains, leaning in will kill us and we won’t even be better off for it, collectively or individually. (h/t LS)

If you’re like me, reading Elizabeth Kolbert’s account of taking the SAT as an adult will get those long-lost standardized test anxieties flowing just like you were a teenager again. (I also began prematurely dreading this ritual for my own daughter—who is not even five).

Laura Flanders writes in Yes! Magazine: “Can you be a revolutionary and a mayor? Chokwe Lumumba—who spent eight months as mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, before he died this Tuesday—did his best to be both.” See Flanders’ recent interview (one of his very last before his sudden heart attack) with this veteran of the ’60s Black Power movement and stalwart crusader for racial justice and for political and economic democracy.

Finally, a couple maps to check out. First—here’s a map of how much of the wealth created in each US state since 1979 has gone to the richest 1 percent. It appears the wealthiest at the top are doing pretty well in WA and OR (h/t Fuse). Then there’s this: Each state’s favorite band. I knew NJ would be Springsteen. But some of the others baffle me! (To be clear, these aren’t necessarily the most-listened-to bands in each state, but rather the bands that have unusually high, geographically distinctive support in each state.)


Per capita vehicle travel in the US declines for the ninth straight year.

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  • The numbers don’t lie: big pizzas are a better value.  And someone actually compiled prices for 74,476 different pizzas to prove the point.


    As a paean to both high school basketball and the often-overlooked corners of Seattle, I thoroughly enjoyed this story about Rainier Beach. It begins like so:

    Leave Pike Place Market or the Space Needle. Venture outside Capitol Hill’s collection of bars and coffeehouses and record stores and get away from the waterfront, where seagulls and cruise ship tourists wage an endless battle over endless buckets of seafood. Get away, far away, from South Lake Union’s “Local, Organic, Sustainable!” luxury apartment wasteland. Head south…

    …into the Rainier Valley, an area that, nationally, has been called the most diverse ZIP code in the country for its near equal mix of white, black, Asian, and Hispanic populations.

    Locally, it’s known as the best place to get Vietnamese food. It is perhaps less well known as an astonishingly fertile cradle of basketball talent, although it’s that, too. This is a place that has produced more current NBA players than just about any other place on Earth—as many as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx combined. That’s where we’re going.


    A Boise State biology professor asks, “When May I Shoot a Student?”