Walking on the ferry to Bainbridge the other night, I was reminded of how much more I see when I’m on my feet instead of on my bike or in a motor vehicle. It’s easier to stop to pick blackberries, to admire some public art, to watch the rush of water under the dock as the ferry lands. Walking’s also a great digestive aid for that huge plate of sweet potato fries from the pub. If you missed it in Sightline Daily on Thursday, check out this profile of an “extreme” walker who travels on foot more than 50 miles a week. There’s also a map that shows the percentage of walk commuters in the Seattle area.

And then, stop walking to work so much, because “It’s Time for a Four-Day Workweek.”


If you weren’t already convinced that background checks on gun buyers was a good idea, consider these numbers from a new report: federal background checks have prevented gun sales to 24,000 felons and over 6,000 domestic abusers since 1998 in Washington State. Oh, and Bill Gates thinks it’s a good idea, too.

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  • Think you can solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Yeah, me neither. But this new game gives you a shot at it. Er… maybe avoid shots, though.

    I was surprised to see the 9-to-5 more intact than I expected. From NPR, a graph of workdays across major US industries.


    Time to change the flag. Seriously.