An uplifting 4 minutes: Love Song to the Earth

The Clean Air Act lengthens lives.

MAYDAY.US poll results are in: not only do 92% of Ds and 94% of Rs agree that “Special interest money has too much influence in American political campaigns,” 85% of Ds and 82% of Rs also agree we need to fundamentally reform money in politics, and a whopping 94% of Rs and 92% of Ds agree we should move to small-dollar contributions matched by public funds!

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  • Lessig has a new ad out, showing how political candidates are bought by big moneyed interests.

    US Senators have agreed on a bipartisan (!!) bill to reduce incarceration!!


    This Wednesday, Seattle will host a rally and march for the People’s Climate Movement national day of action. The event will highlight the critical voices of communities of color in the frontline fight for climate justice. Come join forces with a broad coalition of social justice, faith-based, labor, and environmental organizations! PLUS, the rad author and activist Naomi Klein will join speakers from across the state for an amazing short program before the march. It is time to let our leaders know that our communities are united in the fight against climate change. Spread the word!

    Not from Seattle? Find an event near you! Hey Portland, you have two!