Wow, what a big year for Sightline! We helped pass a historic democracy reform initiative in Seattle, dove into urban policy issues to create more affordable housing, and continued our fight towards making polluters pay in Cascadia and beyond. Plus, the Thin Green Line grew stronger than ever this year, thanks to Sightline exposing  the torrent of terrible financial news for the coal industry, our continuous leading research on oil train safety, and Cascadian communities standing up and saying “NO” to coal and oil exports.

And thanks to you, our readers and supporters, for putting our wonkery to work and for making this year such a success. Cheers to a new year and many more exciting wins!

Now let’s look back at the top articles of 2015:

10. VIVA Vancouver Reimagines Urban Streets

This fun photo-essay shows how with quick, low-cost projects we can transform large arterial streets into vibrant public spaces. Vancouver, BC, is tapping the community’s creativity and inspiring people to “see streets not just as places to move through but also spaces to just be.”

9. 3 Climate Messages That Win

Do you want to talk about climate change like a pro? This Sightline Flashcard is a must-read, identifying the three top-performing and persuasive climate messages that will help you respond to common opposition attacks.

8. The Impacts of a Grays Harbor Oil Spill, in 13 Slides

In thirteen striking graphics, Sightline researcher Tarika Powell reveals how three large oil terminals proposed for Grays Harbor could ruin the region’s economy and local culture.

7. What If Polluters Paid and You Got the Money?

This top article got readers wondering: “Where is this magical place where polluters pay and we all get checks in the mail?” Well, two carbon pricing bills in Oregon might get us there. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Here are the details.

6. The Thin Green Line Is Stopping Coal and Oil in Their Tracks

Thanks to readers like YOU, people in communities across the region are standing up and stopping major dirty energy projects in Cascadia. Sightline policy director Eric de Place highlights a handful of exceptional key wins along the Thin Green Line.

5. Coal Export Markets in Freefall

Coal prices are the lowest they have ever been. And the futures market predicts that the worst is yet to come. In this article, learn how falling prices and declining Asian imports spell out bad news for export proposals in Cascadia.

4. A Win for Northwest Democracy

Honest Elections Seattle passed with 63 percent of the vote and Sightline staff erupted with joy! Here’s a re-cap of what democracy reform will mean for Seattle and beyond.

WV Derailment

A fire burns Monday, Feb. 16, 2015, after a train derailment near Charleston, W.Va. by Steve Kennan / The Montgomery (W.VA) Herald (Used with permission.)

3. Oil Train Explosions: A Timeline in Pictures

“Ten explosions in two years, and no end in sight.” After yet another oil train exploded in May, Sightline’s Eric de Place assembled a pictorial timeline of these dangerous bomb trains.

2. HALA and the $100,000 Question

This year, Seattle’s Mayor Ed Murray released the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) report that included a series of housing recommendations to make the city more affordable, dense, livable, and equitable. Sightline’s executive director Alan Durning served on the HALA committee and discusses the future of Seattle’s housing crunch in this popular post.

1. A Green Light for Using Rain Barrel Water on Garden Edibles

And finally, the top Sightline article of the year gives the green light for using rainwater runoff on your garden veggies. This informative piece is also featured as a pamphlet, making it an easy way to share the good news. Gear up for the next gardening season with these stormwater tips.