“You say ‘America First’ and your first move helps Canada.” – Clark Williams-Derry
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On Monday, Sightline’s director of energy finance, Clark Williams-Derry, joined KBOO Community Radio‘s Barbara Bernstein to discuss what the next four years of US energy policy may look like. The two discussed the future of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), legally, politically, and financially, given various divestment efforts around the US.

Clark also detailed the inconsistencies in President Donald Trump’s competing promises to different segments of the US energy sector, as well as the domestic and international market forces that are actually shaping what is feasible for America’s energy future. “You say ‘America First’ and your first move helps Canada,” he said of Trump’s support for DAPL.

Finally, Clark also emphasized the need for transparency in Trump’s overall energy strategy, which would be aided by Trump releasing his tax returns so the public could understand his business interests’ financial stake in our energy policy decisions.

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