Vox’s podcast “The Impact” kicked off its second season last week with an episode devoted to democracy vouchers. The 30-minute episode, hosted by Vox senior policy correspondent Sarah Kliff, provides an informative look at the origin, implementation and use of democracy vouchers in Seattle politics.

Among the key voices in this episode was Sightline executive director Alan Durning, who provided the backstory on how Sightline played a key role in developing democracy vouchers as a way to help fix campaign finance.

“It has never been attempted anywhere in the world,” Alan said. “And because fools rush in where angels fear to tread, I said, ‘Wow, we should do that!'”

You can listen to the entire episode below. The part that highlights Sightline and Alan begins at about the 4:35 mark.

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  • Using a lot of the same reporting Sarah Kliff used in “The Impact,” democracy vouchers were also featured on a recent episode of NPR’s “Planet Money.” You can listen to the episode below, though we note that Sightline is not a featured voice.