Series in Economy + Jobs

  • Putting a Price on Carbon

    How putting a price on carbon pollution could benefit communities across the Northwest.
  • Coal Exports: Caveat Investor

    Why the Northwest coal export proposals are proving an increasingly shaky investment for their backers.
  • Making Sustainability Legal

    Some of the smartest, most innovative solutions for a sustainable Northwest are, at present, simply illegal. This Sightline series puts the spotlight on cases where we can make sustainability legal by changing existing regulations and developing pragmatic money-saving proposals.
  • Crimp Your Ride

    How ride-for-hire (or so-called "rideshare") and taxi regulations may change how you get around.
  • Family-Friendly Cities

    If kids are the "indicator species" of healthy cities, then planning our towns with families in mind—from housing to street safety and more—would serve all urban residents well.
  • Green-Collar Jobs

    Investments in clean energy and green jobs are 3-in-1 solutions. They turn big challenges---energy, climate change, and the economy---into big opportunities for families and businesses in our communities. This blog series delves into what green-collar jobs are and seeks out programs in the Northwest working to create more.
  • Coal Export Trend Reports

    Analysis of the US Department of Energy's national and regional quarterly coal export data.
  • Betting the Farm

    Northwest farmers are getting on in age. The search is on for the next generation of food-growers, as the demographics of farm ownership may be starting to change.
  • Cascadian Demographics

    Race, ethnicity, and the changing face of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Cascadia Scorecard

    The Cascadia Scorecard is Sightline's annual state-of-the region report. This series includes the latest updates to the project.
  • Economic Turnaround

    By investing in efficiency and conservation measures, clean energy, smart climate policy, and green-collar jobs, we can find hope in our economic crisis.
  • Climate Fairness

    Climate change does not affect everyone equally. This Sightline blog series explores ways to help ensure climate change is addressed fairly.
  • Cap and Trade and the "Gaming" Question

    How well-designed carbon pricing systems defy would-be market manipulators.
  • I-1033: Eyman's Permanent Recession

    Layoffs, pay reductions, and significant cutbacks to important services left us all feeling the pinch of the recession. Tim Eyman's 2009 Initiative 1033 in Washington sought to set these financial hardships in stone.
  • Initiative 1098 and Income Taxes

    Sightline set the record straight on a 2010 Washington ballot measure that sought to levy an income tax on the very wealthy to fund schools and health care, as well as reduce taxes for property owners and small businesses.