The promise of a sustainable economy is a promise of family-wage jobs, a fair tax system, and a healthy environment. Investments in clean energy throughout the Northwest have paid off in a big way, fueling a thriving green-collar workforce in the region. From the big-picture thinking that launched British Columbia’s successful polluters-pay carbon tax shift to the detail-oriented scrutiny of outdated laws that hinder sustainable lifestyles, Sightline research has led the way in dreaming up and promoting the best solutions for a sustainable Northwest future.

Series in Economy + Jobs

  • Putting a Price on Carbon

    How putting a price on carbon pollution could benefit communities across the Northwest.
  • Coal Exports: Caveat Investor

    Why the Northwest coal export proposals are proving an increasingly shaky investment for their backers.
  • Making Sustainability Legal

    Some of the smartest, most innovative solutions for a sustainable Northwest are, at present, simply illegal. This Sightline series puts the spotlight on cases where we can make sustainability legal by changing existing regulations and developing pragmatic money-saving proposals.

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