By Sightline Institute

“The wide-ranging, carefully footnoted report employs a by-the-numbers approach to cover developments in recent years affecting the Pacific Northwest.” – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

If we don’t measure what we value, we’ll end up valuing what we measure. This Place on Earth 2002 takes a close look at why society’s most-influential indicators—from the GDP to the Dow Jones—are failing us. It also presents a first effort at an alternative yardstick for the Northwest, by measuring how the region is doing in critical areas such as salmon health, sprawl, income inequality, and land use.

This Place on Earth 2002

Read What’s Wrong With the GDP?, an excerpt from This Place on Earth 2002 explaining why the GDP fails to measure what matters to the Northwest

This Place on Earth 2002 is Sightline’s 13th book and the second volume in an annual series. Authors include executive director Alan Thein Durning; Sightline research director Clark Williams-Derry; editorial director Ellen W. Chu; and research associate Eric de Place.

March 21, 2002