Strong Towns’ Chuck Marohn on why suburban growth is a Ponzi scheme.

Weird. The P-I hand-picks “30 iconic Seattle failures,” 7 of which involve…professional sports. Am I the only one who just doesn’t care about sports? Coincidentally, 7 iconic failures also involve urban transportation (well, maybe 8 if you include an epic, road-clogging snowstorm).


Some innovations spread fast—take anesthesia, for example, which apparently spread like wildfire compared to a vastly more important innovation, sterilization (according to one explanation, because anesthesia made a major, visible, troubling problem go away for patients and surgeons alike, while creating sterile surgery conditions and instruments was a pain for surgeons and it battled only invisible problems—germs—that wreaked their havoc far from the operating room). But looking at a short list of simple practices in the world’s birth clinics that would save untold numbers of mothers’ and babies’, Atul Gawande, wonders how do you speed the the spread of innovations that don’t catch on?

Are conservatives happier? Canadian scientists have linked right-wing authoritarian attitudes with a subjective sense of well-being.

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  • Have you ever heard of a springbok? Have you ever heard of pronking? Check it out (Never fear. It’s a sweet, touching nature video). H/T SN.

    And did you happen to catch Seattle’s mayor, Mike McGinn, talking on Science Friday about the city’s plans for addressing climate change, including his push to divest Seattle’s pension funds from fossil fuel investments?


    Well, this puts absolutely everything everywhere in all of history in perspective.