Remember this little guy with the great big voice who left us all weepy after he stood up against racist bullying? Earlier this year, he sang the national anthem at the NBA finals game 2—beautifully—only to find the Twitterverse darken with hateful, racist slurs about him afterward. So what did he do? He sang again at game 4, introduced by none other than his city’s mayor, Julián Castro, who congratulated him on his performance via his Facebook page:

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Mayor Castro’s positive and forward-looking perspective is a bright spot in our national political super-squabble. In the midst of an infuriating budget and debt ceiling crisis, I think we could all use a pick-me-up, and I have a pretty good feeling that some Julián Castro is just what the doctor ordered.

But for those of you not yet convinced, I’ve whittled down the long list of reasons to come out next week to see him to the following five. Read ’em, and see if you can help yourself from buying a ticket (just $5!):

  1. He’s a great storyteller. And he has an incredible story of his own, especially about the power of education.
  2. He is an enthusiastic fresh voice among America’s progressive leaders. Remember his inspiring 2012 DNC speech?
  3. Um, did you miss the above? Or you just wanted more? Well, alright then:
  4. He is kicking butt in San Antonio on everything from pre-K education funding to clean energy research and investment. The unthinkable has even been asked of him: could he turn Texas blue?
  5. And finally, because we said so—no, really. You trust Sightline on everything from coal exports to toxics in your home. Why not trust us when we say that Mayor Castro will knock your socks off? Besides, it’s the very last hurrah in our 20th anniversary festivities.

Next Wednesday. Town Hall. Please join us…

Tickets no longer available—event has concluded.

October 16, 2013