First of all, I feel so much better about sharks after seeing this chart on the Earth’s deadliest animals.

This GIF on the amazing progress we’ve made in the search for potentially habitable planets makes me hope NASA can get the disabled Kepler telescope back in business.

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  • And I have personally watched this video of people dancing their answers to questions about equal pay for women (thank you, Jimmy Fallon) more times than I care to admit.


    A Canadian runner sets a new world record in the beer mile. As a former high school track runner, I have to admit that I am absolutely in awe of the fact that his last split was 63 seconds(!!!) after three-quarters of a mile and four beers.

    Almost as important, Bill Moyers interviews finance industry leaders in the divestment movement.

    There’s continuing unrest as coal and oil trains dominate the tracks. A news account from Montana showcases farmers who aren’t able to ship grain in a timely fashion. So does one from eastern Washington.