This is a big deal: the pristine Chuitna River in Alaska—home to a robust run of all five species of salmon—is under threat from a proposed coal strip mine. For context: if you’ve heard of the now-doomed Pebble Mine, this project is its equal, or worse. Opponents of the coal mine have produced a gorgeous video (here’s the trailer) explaining what’s at stake. Says Al Goozmer, president of the Native Village of Tyonek, “We see this coal mine as the Godzilla of development in West Cook Inlet, and that it will destroy…who we are physically, spiritually, and culturally.” If you’re interested, here’s the Save the Chuitna website.


A woman explains sexual consent with an illustration that is so perfectly simple and clear that for those people—whoever they are—for whom this is still a gray area, this should be required reading.

Maine shows that publicly financed elections can work.

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  • Before he steps down, the Guardian’s editor-in-chief, Alan Rusbridger, has decided to hurry up and address his one big regret after a career spanning decades: that journalists have failed to fully tell the climate change story. A serious series on climate will be his swansong and perhaps go a little way to reverse that failure.


    I hate time changes. Many others agree! Both Washington and Oregon have introduced bills to end time changes.

    Most bills propose staying Pacific Standard year round. (check it out: a Republican bill you could support!)  Apparently a state that wants to stay on daylight savings year round has to petition the federal government to allow it to be designated a different time zone (for us: Mountain). Ugh. But for you lucky Washingtonians, Rep. Schmick has introduced a bill for just such a petition.