Joel Connelly has an excellent piece on the way that Northwest tribes are fighting the coal export plans.

A new multimedia documentary, Patricia’s Story, by Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele explores conservation fieldwork in Peru’s tropical forests and its importance for understanding the impacts of climate change.

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  • If you’re wondering whether the Canadian oil sands are good news or not, you might take a gander at this oil sands reality check.

    The City of Seattle published detailed energy use information for more than 90 city-owned buildings—including iconic buildings like City Hall and the Central Library—comprising more than 6.2 million square feet. (A summary version is here.)


    A shocking inside look at China’s air pollution problem.

    Check out this terrifying, fascinating timelapse of thirty years of human impact on the earth.

    And, a contrarian’s take on the IRS-Tea Party scandal from David Horsey:

    As inept as the IRS may have been in the way they processed applications for 501(c)(4) status, the bigger scandal is that the IRS grants the tax-exempt designation to so many overtly political organizations, treating them as if they are no more engaged in partisan politics than the Girl Scouts…The fact is that none of the right-wing applicants were turned down, even though they are probably as engaged in partisan campaigning as Karl Rove or Jim Messina. A 501(c)(4) group is, by law, supposed to be a social welfare organization whose primary activity is not politics. Can anyone honestly say that about Rove or Messina or any of the many tea party organizations?


    Geekery for the week: Did you ever wonder who’s faster, the Starship Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon? Well, here ya go: a graphic comparison of fictional interstellar travel speeds.