I may be a long way from having kids myself, but this event sounds great. As part of the ParentMap lecture series, Richard Louv, best-selling author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorders, will speak at Town Hall Seattle on February 11, sharing his latest research on the child-nature relationship and how critical it is to replace screen time with green time for kids. Sightline readers can get a $3 discount on tickets, too, with the code SI2014. Buy tickets.

SEA 55, DEN 14. Here’s a fun factoid from the Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment. Seattle currently recycles over 55% of its trash. Denver? Only 14%. Because, you know, some fans talk trash. Others recycle it. #GoHAWKS


I told you this would happen. This week, Amtrak passengers were stuck on the tracks north of Bellingham because of a disabled coal train. Meanwhile, Amtrak’s Chicago-to-Seattle service is being routinely delayed by 8 to 10 hours while passengers take a back seat to oil trains.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, hundreds of protestors rallied over the weekend in opposition to oil trains. KIRO news covered the events with what I thought was a sort of perplexed bias.

For reasons I’ve never understood, liberals are more often associated with scientifically unsupported opposition to vaccines. In fact, the belief (while uncommon) is slightly more often found among conservatives.

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  • Are Denver Broncos fans dumb? There’s evidence that their bettors are.

    I think everyone’s already seen it by now, but this enactment of what a conference call would be like in person is hilarious.

    This is officially very cool. A 7-minute video that compresses three months of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.