Are young people different than salmon? No, says Jourdan Imani Keith of the Urban Wilderness Project in this beautifully-written essay.


Seventeen minutes. That’s the amount of time that passed between when the Wall Street Journal tweeted the breaking new about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death Sunday and the time they posted a verified story about it—and still, this is possibly before the actor’s own family was informed of the news. Stacia L. Brown reflects in Salon, “Seventeen minutes isn’t a long time. But it’s long enough to ask questions about what it means to responsibly, ethically break news.”


Hands down, the best take on the State Department’s new Keystone XL Pipeline findings came from Bloomberg Businessweek of all places.

Oil trains are being given priority over people—how fossil fuels are disrupting Amtrak service and what we can do about it.

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  • The mayor of Burnaby, British Columbia doesn’t mince words about Canada’s fossil fuel problem. He needs a bigger stage.

    I recommend state Representative Rueven Carlyle on the ways that secrecy in tax breaks harms Washington.

    Sightline love parklets, so we were delighted to hear that Seattle has a brand new parklet pilot program. Find out what you can do to make them a reality in your neighborhood.